Human-Computer Interaction Lab @ HKUST

Research Related:

The HCI Initiative aims to build an ecosystem of human-machine hybrid computing, which bridges the virtual and the physical world via communication through and beyond data. Various research activities will be carried out in collaboration with academia and industrial partners in areas such as:

  • Frontend: intelligent, natural user interface – multimodal and multisensory interaction with data

    1. Visual and sonified interface (e.g., visualization, sonification, speech, animation, virtual/augmented reality, 3D printing, etc.)
    2. Tangible interface (e.g., mobile devices, wearable devices, smart environment, etc.)

  • Backend: making sense of data to gain better knowledge of the crowd and the environment

    1. User modeling (e.g., social media, crowdsourcing, etc.)
    2. Context modeling (e.g., urban computing, affective computing, etc.)

  • Thinking:

    1. Design philosophies that integrate merits from Eastern and Western thinking (e.g., sustainability, harmony, etc.)
    2. Design theories related to new media and platforms (e.g., game, E-learning, etc.)
    3. Design methodologies and practices using MIT media lab, Stanford d.school, etc. as benchmarks